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Dream – Seay (5.1 FLAC, Atmos MP4, 3D Binaural WAV)

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With her distinctive voice and evocative sound, American born award winning artist, SEAY (pronounced ‘say’) has gained prominence as both a vocalist and composer. With her signature vocals and uplifting sound, the beauty of Seay’s artistry draws listeners from across the globe, with music in the Pop, World and New Age genres, airing on radio, satellite and syndicated programs with several million plays of her videos. Seay is a Billboard multi award winning artist, Global Music and Peace Ambassador with Project Peace on Earth and a three-time recipient of the Peace Song Awards. Her current 2021 special release “Dream”, Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Silverman at Palette Studio, Nashville, TN, is a reflection of her mission to illuminate the world and fill the listener with light, life, and imagination.

Evidence Unearthed – Alan Williams (5.1 FLAC)

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Evidence Unearthed is the brand new 25-year-old album from Alan Williams. Originally titled Evidence, the album was recorded in 1994-95 and intended for a Spring 1995 release. A study in contrast, Evidence Unearthed pushes the elements familiar to fans of Birdsong to wider extremes – louder and softer, more complex yet comfortable in simplicity. A once-buried treasure is now Evidence Unearthed.

The “Standard” edition features the 5.1 album. The “Deluxe” edition features the 5.1 album + 5.1 instrumental mixes.


Metamorphosis – Magenta (5.1 FLAC)

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Magenta’s Metamorphosis (2008) features just four tracks: 20-minute epics “The Ballad Of Samuel Layne” and “Metamorphosis” sit alongside the shorter “Prekestolen” and “Blind Faith,” showcasing composer Rob Reed’s ability to merge complexity with accessibility.

Magenta are a Welsh progressive-rock outfit currently consisting of Christina Booth on lead vocals, Rob Reed on keyboards and backing vocals, and Chris Fry on electric guitar. Reed takes his musical influences from ‘70s-era progressive rock acts such as Genesis, Mike Oldfield, Yes, and Renaissance.

Old Black Roller (Single) – Grant Maloy Smith (3D Binaural WAV)

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From the Billboard Top 10 album Dust Bowl: American Stories by Grant Maloy Smith, comes the single “Old Black Roller.” Put on your headphones or fire up your speakers and prepare for a musical journey into the Great Plains of the 1930s, when it stopped raining for nearly a decade, and enormous dust storms ravaged the land and its people. This is a powerful musical tour de force from the IMC Hall of Fame inductee Grant Maloy Smith. Available in a 3D binaural mix by producer Jeff Silverman (Palette Records, Nashville).

Sanctuary II – Rob Reed (5.1 FLAC)

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Sanctuary II (2016) is multi-instrumentalist, composer, and Magenta keyboardist Rob Reed’s follow-up to the acclaimed Sanctuary (2014) album. Heavily inspired by Mike Oldfield’s classic ‘70s material, Rob single-handedly composed, produced, and mixed the album. The dense, contrapuntal arrangements of Sanctuary II make it a perfect candidate for immersive audio, and Rob has delivered on that front with an incredible 5.1 surround mix.

Seven – Magenta (5.1 FLAC)

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With seven tracks inspired by the seven deadly sins in religious teachings, Seven (2004) is a conceptual progressive rock tour-de-force. It’s another masterpiece from Magenta, a Welsh progressive-rock outfit currently consisting of Christina Booth on lead vocals, Rob Reed on keyboards and backing vocals, and Chris Fry on electric guitar. Reed takes his musical influences from ‘70s-era progressive rock acts such as Genesis, Mike Oldfield, Yes, and Renaissance.

Signs and Wonders – Birdsong At Morning (5.1 FLAC)

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Birdsong At Morning was formed in 2007 by Alan Williams, Darleen Wilson, and Greg Porter as a means of resurrecting musical identities that had been set aside while pursuing other careers. Like Dorothy stepping into Oz, the sound of Birdsong At Morning bursts from sepia into technicolor! Expansive, confident, and powerful, Signs and Wonders was issued in 2018 as a CD/Blu-ray package in both stereo and 5.1.

The “Standard” edition features the 5.1 album. The “Deluxe” edition” features the 5.1 album + 5.1 instrumental mixes.

The Coal Comes Up (Single) – Grant Maloy Smith (5.1 FLAC, Dolby Atmos MP4, Dolby Atmos WAV, and 3D Binaural MP3)

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“The Coal Comes Up” is the first single from Grant Maloy Smith’s album Appalachia: American Stories. Released 28 May 2021, the song describes the life of a coal miner, looking through his eyes. He’s old and broken up now after a life of dangerous work, but he’s not bitter or asking for pity. On the contrary, he’s proud that his work provided a stable family life. Without coal, America could not have been built. Mixed by Jeff Silverman (Palette Records, Nashville), the immersive single is available in 5.1 FLAC, Dolby Atmos WAV, and 3D binaural MP3 and WAV formats.

The Golden Bonana – Mr. Afternoon (5.1 FLAC)

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The Golden Bonana (2021) is a conceptual jazz-fusion album about a gorilla named Steve undertaking a journey to find a golden banana. This unique storyline combined with the you-are-there perspective that multichannel sound offers yields a one-of-a-kind immersive experience.

Mr. Afternoon is the stage name of an up-and-coming artist and audio engineer specializing in immersive audio. His debut statement as a solo artist, The Golden Bonana (2021), was designed from-the-ground-up with 5.1 surround sound in mind. The Golden Bonana is now available as a digital download or Hybrid SACD.

The Original – Combo Audio (Atmos MP4, 5.1 WAV, 3D Binaural WAV)

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Combo Audio was a Champaign/Chicago based rock band performing and recording between 1980 and 1987. Originally formed as a project and vehicle for songs written by John Kellogg and collaborator Rick Neuhaus, it eventually evolved into a live performing trio. Produced and mixed by John Kellogg, known for his extensive work with surround sound, Combo Audio’s “The Original” is back for all to enjoy its new wave college rock glory in multiple immersive versions – 5.1, Atmos, and virtual binaural.

The Twenty-Seven Club – Magenta (5.1 FLAC)

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The Twenty-Seven Club (2013) is another powerful release from Magenta, the Welsh progressive-rock group featuring Christina Booth on lead vocals, Rob Reed on keyboards and backing vocals, and Chris Fry on electric guitar. Reed takes his musical influences from ‘70s-era progressive rock acts such as Genesis, Mike Oldfield, Yes, and Renaissance.

The six-track album was inspired by the now-infamous group of musicians who tragically passed at the age of 27 (Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, etc).

The Wall Will Fall – Rick Springfield (3D Binaural WAV)

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Rick Springfield and Vance DeGeneres’s “Ultimate Mini-Series: The 60-Second Guide to Songwriting with a Partner,” started off as a way for the two friends to have some fun online while home-sheltering during the current Covid-19 pandemic. But what began as a way to share a few laughs with their online communities grew into a popular multi-episode series and produced “The Wall Will Fall,” a rousing, uplifting universal anthem of hope and love. Mixed by Jeff Silverman of Palette Records, this single is available in 3D binaural WAV format.

Visapkārt – Auļi (Dolby Atmos WAV & MP4)

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Visapkārt is a Latvian word meaning “all around” or “immersive,” and a fitting title for Auļi’s latest album. The instrumental bagpipe and drum group recorded Visapkārt using Dolby Atmos, a format typically reserved for film, but recently embraced by cutting edge artists for its ability to immerse listeners in music. Auļi adopted the technology for the experience of “unlimited spaciousness” and the true-to-life experience of each instrument.


From The Dark Side of The Moon – Mary Fahl (5.1 FLAC)

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Mary Fahl is an American singer/songwriter best known for her work in the 1990s with the beloved folk-rock group, October Project. Newly released in 2020 and mixed in gorgeous 5.1 surround sound by Bob Clearmountain, “From The Dark Side of The Moon” is Mary’s brilliant reinterpretation of the classic Pink Floyd album. With her soulful, otherworldly vocals, and the work of producers Mark Doyle and David Werner, the album breathes new life into one of the most iconic albums of all time – and stands in its own glory as an example of surround sound at its finest.

The Wexford Carol (Tom Billy’s Jig) – Debra Lyn (3D Binaural WAV)

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“The Wexford Carol (Tom Billy’s Jig)” 3D Binaural mix is Debra Lyn’s follow-up single to “Blue Sun Rises.” “The Wexford Carol” is a traditional Irish Christmas Carol which has been meticulously intertwined with “Tom Billy’s Jig,” a traditional Irish fiddle tune. Featuring Baritone Acoustic Guitar, Uilleann Pipes, Irish Whistle, Irish Fiddle, Cello, Bass, Drums and Percussion, this is the perfect complement to “Blue Sun Rises,” Debra’s third CD for Nashville-based Palette Records. The album was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Jeff Silverman, Palette Music-Studio-Productions. Jeff also co-wrote many of the songs with Debra and adds his signature style of performance on bass and baritone acoustic guitar throughout the album.

We Are Legend – Magenta (5.1 FLAC)

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We Are Legend (2017) is Magenta’s thirteenth studio release, containing only three extended tracks: the roughly 26-minute epic “Trojan,” along with the shorter 11-minute pieces “Colours” and “Legend.”

Magenta are a Welsh progressive-rock outfit currently consisting of Christina Booth on lead vocals, Rob Reed on keyboards and backing vocals, and Chris Fry on electric guitar. Reed takes his musical influences from ‘70s-era progressive rock acts such as Genesis, Mike Oldfield, Yes, and Renaissance.


Arms of Heaven (Single) – Aeone (Atmos MP4, 5.1 FLAC, 3D Binaural WAV)

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Aeone’s new single “Arms of Heaven” is a beautifully crafted, contemporary anthem for the mystical half of our hearts and souls. Released as a Dolby Atmos immersive mix, this track is multi-layered listening at its best. Aeone is an English artist, composer & songwriter known for her rich haunting style with a touch of the ancient Celt – bringing a sense of ethereal beauty and feminine grace into a contemporary setting. Written, arranged and produced by Aeone, the song has been exquisitely mixed and mastered by long-time collaborator, Jeff Silverman, from Palette (MSP) and Virtual Studios Network (VSN) in Nashville, Tennessee.


Devil With The Blue Eyes (Single) – Debra Lyn (Atmos MP4, 5.1 FLAC, 3D Binaural WAV)

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“Devil with the Blue Eyes” is Debra Lyn’s first Dolby Atmos / 3D Immersive single off of her “Blue Sun Rises” album, released in 2020. Debra Lyn is an Americana/Folk singer/songwriter and musician based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her music roots run deep through traditional country music to bluegrass and folk, which is on display in this original track written by Debra. Produced and engineered by Jeff Silverman of Palette Music-Studio-Productions, this single is sure to please immersive audio fans with its crisp vocals, Bass and Mountain Dulcimer accompanied by Baritone Acoustic Guitar, Drums and Percussion.

Haida – Raven – David Miles Huber (5.1 FLAC)

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Haida is a very special album from four-time Grammy nominated producer and musician, David Miles Huber. The first disc, “Raven,” portrays the beauty, majesty and power of the land of the Northwest Territories that stretches from the Puget Sound of Washington State, north to the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia. This epic project, provided in 24-bit/96k resolution, is designed to transport us to the land of deep waters, soaring eagles, snow-capped mountains and lush forests that is at the heart of the Pacific Northwest and lower western Canada.

Bilocation – Steve Marshall (5.1 FLAC)

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Bilocation is to be in two places simultaneously. This extraordinary album from British composer Steve Marshall defines ‘immersive’ as it sonically transports the listener to exotic and strange locations, recreated three-dimensionally like audio holograms. Unique and beautiful transaural sounds come from all around – even from directly overhead, where there are no speakers! Sometimes the sounds are multi-layered. Spinning on a fairground ride we are concurrently inside an enormous, echoing dome in India, then on the back of a galloping horse. Helicopters and thunderstorms rumble overhead; a gigantic steam train materializes in your listening room…


Too Far Gone (Single) – A Bad Think (Atmos MP4 & MKV + 5.1 FLAC)

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“Too Far Gone” is the first single from A Bad Think’s 2021 Dolby Atmos album, Lifelike. Hypnotic, nostalgic, and energetic, the track evokes everything we love about the musical style of rock veteran and Grammy-nominated producer, Michael Marquart. Co-produced by Dave Way and mixed by Bob Clearmountain and Steve Genewick, this song teases the masterful immersive experience to come in the full album.

Star Trek Minimoog Voyager (Single) – Charles-Henri Avelange (5.1 WAV)

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Charles-Henri Avelange grew up in a 12th Century Knight Templar castle in his native French Riviera, a stone’s throw from the Cannes Film Festival. He blends his passion for technology and analog Moog synthesizers with his lush symphonic instrumentations, inspired by his heritage of French Military officers and Master Painters. Avelange acquired the legendary Minimoog Voyager XL synthesizer instrument and saw a link between the Star Trek TV series and the synthesizer.

Space and Time – Mother Earth Tones (5.1 WAV)

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“Space and Time” is producer David Martinez’s third release under the pseudonym Mother Earth Tones, and first collaborative effort featuring incredible talents such as Carly Lyman (vocals) and Sarah Wallin-Huff (violin). “Space and Time” moves away from the ambient style heard in previous releases to incorporate more rhythmic elements in a multi-dimensional soundscape. This re-release of “Space and Time” in full 5.1 surround sound is the way Martinez originally intended the music to be.

Into The Black Hole – Ana-Tole (5.1 FLAC)

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“Into the Black Hole” is the latest adventure of Ana-Tole, the brainchild of composer and producer Claire Courchene. With a nostalgic tendency to love all-things-Earth, the fictional Ana-Tole spends her time running missions, smuggling goods for the colonies & cruising around the post-Earth galaxy in her spaceship. Created specifically for 5.1 surround sound, “Into the Black Hole” is an epic journey through a chill mixture of lush strings, smooth horns, and lofi hip hop beats, all meshed with jazzy vocal stylings, to engulf the listener in Ana-Tole’s world for a truly immersive experience.