The Savior

By: A Bad Think (5.1 FLAC)
Type: Digital Download
A Bad Think is a one-man project driven by Michael Marquart, record producer and multi-instrumentalist who writes and performs all of his tracks with help from the industry’s top studio musicians. His latest release, “The Savior,” is a beautifully 5.1 mastered double album consisting of 18 songs of modern progressive rock. Produced by Marquart with Dave Way (Beck, Foo Fighters), and mixed by Bob Clearmountain (Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi), the album was recorded in Los Angeles at Windmark Recording and is distributed by The Orchard.
Down Low


  1. Down Low
  2. The Righteous
  3. Going West
  4. If That's What Love Means
  5. Now You Know
  6. All Eyes On Him
  7. It's Good To Be Young
  8. The Chosen One
  9. The King's Crown
  10. Falling Star
  11. Hallelujah
  12. Feel Me
  13. The Best Part
  14. A Chance Has Lost
  15. The Worst Part
  16. The Winter's Long
  17. Safe and Sound
  18. C'est La Vie

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A Bad Think

A Bad Think is a project driven by the one-man wonder and many talents of Michael Marquart. Marquart has been making his living as a musician and producer all his life. The talented drummer, guitarist, keyboard player, singer and producer has played with A Flock of Seagulls and the Canadian super-group Alias, but it’s the music he makes with his solo project, A Bad Think, that’s closest to his heart.