Cat's Meow

By: Suzanne Grzanna (5.1 FLAC, Dolby Atmos MKV + MP4)
Type: Digital Download
Suzanne Grzanna is a multi-award songwriter, saxophonist, vocalist, arranger, producer, music publisher, and sync music library who composes music & lyrics. “The Cat’s Meow Anniversary Album” showcases Suzanne’s dynamic range and ability to blend smooth jazz with soulful tones. This album takes listeners on a delightful journey through a landscape of emotions. From sultry saxophone solos to catchy vocal rhythms, this album is a perfect blend of modern jazz and classic influences. Suzanne’s distinct style and heartfelt compositions create an experience that leaves listeners yearning for more. The Dolby Atmos/ Spatial Audio Album was mixed and mastered by Jeff Silverman.
Thinking Of You


  1. Thinking Of You
  2. By The Fireside
  3. Mystery Man
  4. 1887
  5. Kiss
  6. The Cat's Meow
  7. Cedar Lodge
  8. Little Valentine
  9. Eunni

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