Wound Up By God Or The Devil

By: Symbion Project (5.1 FLAC)
Type: Digital Download
Wound Up By God Or The Devil (2007) is a concept album featuring instrumental analog synthesizer music, inspired by the early works of Wendy Carlos (Switched on Bach, A Clockwork Orange) and Vangelis (Bladerunner, Chariots of Fire). The songs feature a retro-futuristic aesthetic with hints of Baroque classical and robotic minimalism. Wound Up was recorded on a single polyphonic 16-VCO analog synthesizer (the Alesis Andromeda) and was produced, mixed, and mastered over a period of 3 short weeks. In order to provide a balanced surround experience, there is no musical content in the center or LFE channels.
Stainless Endless Radiance


  1. Stainless Endless Radiance
  2. What You Are, We Once Were
  3. What We Are, You Shall Be
  4. All Things Are Ultimately Measurable
  5. Le Fétichisme Dans L’amour
  6. Antiphon
  7. Vandalized Lovemap
  8. Kanon und Gigue Im E-Moll Für Elektronik
  9. The Ill-Tempered Synthesizer
  10. Wound Up by God or the Devil
  11. Dies Saturni XV Maius MMIV

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