The Iron Sky / Graveyard Of Dreams

By: Santpoort (Dolby Atmos MKV + MP4)
Type: Digital Download
With Santpoort's new LP "Maybe Not Tomorrow" out next month, the multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter offers up a split single to hold us over. The two tracks compliment each other nicely, further building out the world of Santpoort as he preps for album mode. The first track, "The Iron Sky," begins as a lush and beaming instrumental, soaring through the clouds without a care in the world. It's lovely and  optimistic, but the lyrics and message that arrive near the end paint a darker portrait. The second track, "Graveyard of Dreams," is full of that playful percussion that Santpoort does so well. It's a dreamy piece of extended grief, and how departed family members might visit us late at night, deep in sleep. The Dolby Atmos mixes were created at Austin Signal Studios.
The Iron Sky


  1. The Iron Sky
  2. Graveyard Of Dreams

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