By: FM Curve (Dolby Atmos MKV + MP4)
Type: Digital Download
Producer Wes Jones has spent over a decade crafting tracks for artists such as Rituals of Mine, The Veronicas, and Miki Rose, and has collaborated with musical legends such as Tricky. Covering a wide range of genres from electronic R&B to post-rock, Wes leaves a sonic signature that blends emotion, atmospherics, and hard-hitting beats. Under the moniker FM Curve, he has set out to expand upon trip hop and downtempo foundations while embracing the thriving bass music movement underway today. His latest single "Disconnect" features a stark, beautiful vocal melody that floats over a pummeling halftime beat, with fantasy synths calmly filling the outer space while Burial-esque static rain reminds you that this is a foreign world.


  1. Disconnect

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