Black Hole Reverb

By: Leftroman (5.1 FLAC, Dolby Atmos MKV + MP4)
Type: Digital Download
Leftroman is a DJ lounge & dance music producer on the East Coast. He’s also a member of the Oyaji Knights DJ crew in Tokyo and radio host of Near & Far, a Japanese hip-hop show on WMBR 88.1 FM Cambridge, MA. "Black Hole Reverb,” an experiment in tilt-a-whirl octomix, is his third album. The title track uses black hole sonifications from the work of Professors Erin Kara and Kyle Keane, who are colleagues of his in the MIT Spatial Sound Lab.
Faux Mika


  1. Faux Mika
  2. Dissolve Dance
  3. Desert Perk
  4. Black Hole Reverb
  5. UFO Catcher
  6. SUMthing
  7. Exit Through The Forest
  8. Octomix Test Track

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