As It Should Be

by A Beautiful Curse (5.1 WAV)
"As It Should Be" is the debut release from CTM Entertainment's very own A Beautiful Curse and its innovative founder, Kenny James. Created as an experiment into rock-related/ambient downtempo, "As It Should Be" is an essential foundation for A Beautiful Curse and sets the standard for what is possible with this project in the years to come. Offered in 5.1 surround sound and consisting of 9 tracks, this album represents the core of ABC's style, which is a cracking collision of groove and mood for the senses.  
On The Other Side


  1. On The Other Side
  2. The Soul Divine
  3. A Lot Like Diamonds
  4. A Mind Of Its Own
  5. Tastes Like It Should
  6. This Is My House
  7. Delicate
  8. Forever
  9. Everything Is Changing

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