As It Should Be – A Beautiful Curse (5.1 WAV)

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“As It Should Be” is the debut release from CTM Entertainment’s very own A Beautiful Curse and its innovative founder, Kenny James. Created as an experiment into rock-related/ambient downtempo, “As It Should Be” is an essential foundation for A Beautiful Curse and sets the standard for what is possible with this project in the years to come. Offered in 5.1 surround sound and consisting of 9 tracks, this album represents the core of ABC’s style, which is a cracking collision of groove and mood for the senses.




A Beautiful Curse got its start in 2004 from freelance musician/producer Kenny James (George Clinton & the P-Funk All Stars, 24-7 Spyz, Celldweller, The Samples, and many more). While it started as a part-time project combining emotional, dramatic rock, electronica, and the downtempo trip-hop movement, it has now evolved into a full-time adventure.  

A Beautiful Curse is dream-music from the heart and soul, and “As It Should Be” is the debut release that exemplifies just what’s to come with this project in the years to come.



Album name

  1. 1. On The Other Side
  2. 2. The Soul Divine
  3. 3. A Lot Like Diamonds
  4. 4. A Mind Of Its Own
  5. 5. Tastes Like It Should
  6. 6. This Is My House
  7. 7. Delicate
  8. 8. Forever
  9. 9. Everything Is Changing

Additional information

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