Live Quadraphonic

By: Suzanne Ciani (5.1 & QUARK FLAC)
Type: Digital Download
This is a live recording that was performed by Suzanne Ciani in San Francisco on March 5, 2016. It was Suzanne's first solo Buchla performance in 40 years and was played on a Buchla 200e System. As all of Suzanne's Buchla performances, the performance was quadraphonic. Suzanne has since toured the world, exclusively in Quad. For the first time ever, Live Quadraphonic is presented in discrete quadraphonic surround sound via 5.1 FLAC files. The deluxe edition also includes 2.0 QUARK FLAC files encoded to play in both stereo and Regular Matrix quadraphonic sound (compatible with Sansui QS, Involve, Dolby Pro-Logic II). A QUARK-encoded LP is available through CyKik's online shop.
Live Quadraphonic


  1. Live Quadraphonic

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