By: Symbion Project (5.1 FLAC)
Type: Digital Download
Arcadian (2016) features bittersweet indie-electronic songs about escape, alternate universes, and heartache. The album features collaborations with the incredibly talented singer-songwriters Melissa R Kaplan, Briana Marela, Mars Nord, and Jenni Potts, along with classical guitar by Geoffrey Klok. Arcadian is a densely layered mixture of electronic drums, samples, vintage synths, strings, and unexpected sound design. Mixed in quadraphonic and presented here in 5.1 FLAC (the center and LFE channels are silent for a true quad listening experience). Fans of Portishead, Massive Attack, Ladytron, and Depeche Mode will enjoy this sonic experience.


  1. Arcadian
  2. Napoleon (ft Melissa R Kaplan)
  3. Bloodthirsty (ft Mars Nord)
  4. Such Letting Go is Love (ft Melissa R Kaplan & Geoffrey Klok)
  5. Beekeeper's Muse
  6. The Charmed (ft Jenni Potts)
  7. You Remain
  8. Stainless Endless Radiance (ft Briana Marela)
  9. Cut Through the Noise
  10. Venus (ft Melissa R Kaplan)
  11. Mikros Kosmos

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