Color Dojo

By: Richard Houghten (Dolby Atmos MKV + MP4)
Type: Digital Download
Richard Houghten is a multi-instrumentalist, audio collage artist, and recording engineer from Southern California. He releases music under his own name as well as Bloomypetaland (in collaboration with beat maker Brandon Burger) A Cosmic Gift. His latest release, "Color Dojo" (2023), was recorded entirely in the span of a two-week trip to Pittsburgh. The album takes its name from artist Baron Batch's art studio in Pittsburgh. Houghten recorded in the massive studio loft while Batch painted huge ten-by-ten foot canvases. The Dolby Atmos mix was created at Austin Signal Studios in Texas.
Baron and the Fox


  1. Baron and the Fox
  2. Jan Bay
  3. Denver Airport
  4. Night Swimming
  5. Last Night In Pittsburgh
  6. Conversation
  7. Light Purple Home
  8. Doors

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