By: Birdsong At Morning (5.1 FLAC)
Type: Digital Download
The third offering in a four-part series of EPs issued in six-month intervals, Vigil (2008) continued to showcase the richly-textured arrangements of Birdsong At Morning. The EP features five original compositions from the band, as well as an acoustic reimagining of King Crimson's 1981 classic "Matte Kudasai."  The last remaining EP – Lumens – will be subject to a similar immersive update later this year, with all four releases gathered into a single collection entitled Annals of My Glass House.
Numbered Days


  1. Numbered Days
  2. Softly, Like An Amen
  3. Matte Kudasai
  4. The Heart That Failed
  5. So Near
  6. Au Revoir

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Birdsong At Morning

Birdsong At Morning, a phrase that comes from a 19th century Robert Louis Stevenson poem, is a project centered around Alan Williams, who writes and sings the songs, creates the string arrangements, conducts the orchestra, co-engineers, produces and mixes the albums as well as scripts, directs, and edits the band’s music videos. He leads the collaborative effort between he and his bandmates, guitarist Darleen Wilson and bassist Greg Porter, as well as a host of new and old collaborators.