Gardenview (Immersive Edition)

By: Nataly Dawn (Auro-3D FLAC + Dolby Atmos MP4)
Type: Digital Download
Over the course of 5 exquisitely detailed tracks, Nataly Dawn delves into her ongoing struggle toward self-acceptance in an elegantly eclectic variety of musical forms: high-spirited folk hymns, McCartney-esque pop symphonies, and indie-rock-infused retellings of ancient Taoist fables. Gardenview meditates on themes of gratitude and sometimes-painful self-reflection, as Dawn’s beautifully understated vocal work and incandescent imagination transcend both genre and time. Mixed in high-definition at Skywalker Sound by Jim and Ulrike Anderson, and mastered by Morton Lindberg in Norway, this immersive EP features flawless 5.1.4 mixes of standout singles like “Danny,” “Joy,” and “Have You Heard.”


  1. Danny
  2. Joy
  3. You Belong
  4. Have You Heard
  5. Follow The Light

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