Mahbob Kalbak (Single)

By: Belal Alkhatib (Dolby Atmos MKV)
Type: Digital Download
Belal Alkhatib is a singer and oud player from Syria. In 2023, he joined audiophile label TRPTK to record a single titled Mahbob Kalbak together with Syrian percussionist Rebal Korkmaz. It was recorded live in the old 17th-century Lutheran church of Haarlem in the north of The Netherlands. On TRPTK's website, you can find high-resolution versions of this album as well as video downloads in high-resolution and with embedded immersive audio formats. Belal plans on making more recordings with TRPTK in 2024.
Mahbob Kalbak


  1. Mahbob Kalbak

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