The Original – Combo Audio (Atmos MP4, 5.1 WAV, 3D Binaural WAV)

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Combo Audio was a Champaign/Chicago based rock band performing and recording between 1980 and 1987. Originally formed as a project and vehicle for songs written by John Kellogg and collaborator Rick Neuhaus, it eventually evolved into a live performing trio. Produced and mixed by John Kellogg, known for his extensive work with surround sound, Combo Audio’s “The Original” is back for all to enjoy its new wave college rock glory in multiple immersive versions – 5.1, Atmos, and virtual binaural.

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John Kellogg produced some of the first 5.1 music mixes for the introduction of Dolby Digital on Laserdisc in 1992. He has also produced 5.1. surround sound albums for several Classic rock classics for major labels with the 5.1 DVD Audio releases of Emerson Lake and Palmer’s Brain Salad Surgery, Deep Purple’s Machine Head, Chicago II and V, and Foreigner 1 and 4, with Foreigner 4 becoming one of the best selling DVD Audio surround music releases of all time.

Prior to these projects, Kellogg started his path to success with Combo Audio. Having recorded and released early tracks to local and national college radio, the trio eventually released the single “Romanticide” on an indie label. “Romanticide” received a “Top Single Pick” in Billboard, propelling wider airplay nationally resulting in a major label signing with EMI/America. The band built a following throughout the midwest with dynamic live shows and increased airplay on college radio and major stations in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. A “Romanticide” video went into power rotation video on MTV and the band continued touring headlining theaters, college shows and appearing with other 80’s iconic bands Talking Heads, U2, Duran Duran, The Tubes, INXS, Sparks, The Busboys, Berlin, Stray Cats and Billy Idol.

Though lumped into the “New Wave” category of the time, Combo Audio’s music was pure raw rock with pop sensibilities on top of an undercurrent of improv, jazz, funk and experimental sonic pyrotechnics. Their sound stands the test of time and is still current today.