Latvju Zimes Rotaties

By: Auli (5.1 WAV + Dolby Atmos MP4 + Dolby Atmos MKV + 3D Binaural WAV)
Type: Digital Download
Bagpipe and drum music group “Auļi” was founded in 2003. The group consisting of six bagpipers, three drummers and one bass player, creates unique sounds by mixing ancient and modern elements. Inspired by the nature and melodies of ancient Latvian folk music, they create new compositions filled with the energy of rock and dynamics of the world music. This is a story about Latvian dance community during Covid-19 pandemic and how 600 dancers find a creative way to unite in one performance. There are 15 dances and each one of them represents Latvian traditional ornament and there are 15 songs with the folk song lyrics that tells a story and meaning of that symbols.


  1. Rītausmā
  2. Auseklītis Agri Lēca
  3. Ej, Laimiņa, Tu Pa Priekšu
  4. Jumu, Jumu Vārpa Auga
  5. Kas Xied Jāņu Naksniņā
  6. Māra Ioza Zelta Iostu
  7. Pērkons Brauca Pār Debesi
  8. Saule Auda Audekliņu
  9. Mānestiņis Gaismiņai
  10. Saule Un Mēness
  11. Sniega Māte
  12. Ūsiņš Jāja Nieguļā
  13. Gana Man Dieviņš Deve
  14. Zalktis Ceļu Ritināja
  15. Mārtiņpolka

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Auļi is a Latvian folk/world music band formed in 2003. In 2020, Auļi released a COVID-19 inspired remote performance single alongside many other drummers and bagpipe players called Alšvangas Dūdu Meldiņš. This performance was released 10 May 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.