I Can’t Remember To Forget You (15th Anniversary Edition)

By: Debra Lyn (Dolby Atmos MP4 + 5.1 FLAC + 3D Binaural WAV)
Type: Digital Download
I Can’t Remember To Forget You (15th Anniversary Edition) is Debra’s fourth album for Nashville-based Palette Records. The album was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Jeff Silverman of Palette Music-Studio-Productions. Jeff also co-wrote many of the songs with Debra and adds his signature style of performance both on vocals and instruments throughout the album. When they realized that the 15-year anniversary was coming up, they thought it would be the perfect opportunity to re-release the album in an immersive format. The Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 format gives listeners an entirely new perspective on the album. The 16 GB 3.0 USB Flash Drive w/Key Chain includes vocal and instrumental versions of all 13 tracks in Dolby Atmos MP4, 5.1 FLAC, and 3D Binaural WAV/MP3.
So Long Since September


  1. So Long Since September
  2. Devil With The Blue Eyes
  3. You Can’t Hold Me Close When You’re Holdin’ The Bottle
  4. I Don’t Want A Man Who Looks Better Than Me
  5. I’ll Always Miss The Love I Left Behind
  6. I Know
  7. Who Do You Think You Are
  8. Sound Of The Door
  9. James and Me
  10. When He Cheats
  11. Heaven Would Be Hell With You
  12. I Can’t Remember To Forget You
  13. I Can’t Remember To Forget You (Bonus - Alternate Version)

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Debra Lyn

Debra Lyn is an Americana/Folk singer/songwriter and musician based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her music roots run deep through traditional country music to bluegrass and folk. “Wing And A Prayer,” will be included on her sixth album for Nashville-based Palette Records that will carry on the folk/acoustic style that Debra has become known for.