By: Birdsong At Morning (5.1 FLAC)
Type: Digital Download
Blue Gentian Records and Immersive Audio Album are proud to present Birdsong At Morning's sophomore EP, Heavens, newly remixed in 5.1 surround sound by leader Alan Williams. Heavens is Birdsong At Morning’s fourth immersive release, following 2015’s A Slight Departure, 2018’s Signs & Wonders, and the 2023 remix of their 2008 debut EP Bound. It’s also the second offering of a four-part series of EPs issued in six-month intervals. The two remaining titles–Vigil and Lumens–will be treated to similar immersive updates and released over the course of the next year, eventually gathered together into a single collection entitled Annals of My Glass House.


  1. Astronomy
  2. Light In The Window
  3. Clean
  4. Adrift
  5. Mystery
  6. Moonlight Mile

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Birdsong At Morning

Birdsong At Morning, a phrase that comes from a 19th century Robert Louis Stevenson poem, is a project centered around Alan Williams, who writes and sings the songs, creates the string arrangements, conducts the orchestra, co-engineers, produces and mixes the albums as well as scripts, directs, and edits the band’s music videos. He leads the collaborative effort between he and his bandmates, guitarist Darleen Wilson and bassist Greg Porter, as well as a host of new and old collaborators.