A Slight Departure

By: Birdsong At Morning (5.1 FLAC)
Type: Digital Download
Birdsong At Morning was formed in 2007 by Alan Williams, Darleen Wilson, and Greg Porter as a means of resurrecting musical identities that had been set aside while pursuing other careers. Released in 2015, A Slight Departure ventures beyond the intimate, quietly contemplative nature of Birdsong At Morning’s debut album, Annals of My Glasshouse, delivering an album with a broader sonic palette and a notable increase in energy. The “Standard” edition features the 5.1 album. The “Deluxe” edition features the 5.1 album + 2.0 instrumental mixes.
The Great Escape


  1. The Great Escape
  2. Never To Part
  3. Murderous Friend
  4. Devil's Stomping Ground
  5. Midnight Vespers
  6. Dimestore Dreamers
  7. Mountainside
  8. Pages
  9. Not For Sale
  10. Kipahulu Sunrise
  11. Down In The Hole
  12. Lead Me On

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Birdsong At Morning

Birdsong At Morning, a phrase that comes from a 19th century Robert Louis Stevenson poem, is a project centered around Alan Williams, who writes and sings the songs, creates the string arrangements, conducts the orchestra, co-engineers, produces and mixes the albums as well as scripts, directs, and edits the band’s music videos. He leads the collaborative effort between he and his bandmates, guitarist Darleen Wilson and bassist Greg Porter, as well as a host of new and old collaborators.