Misery in Soliloquy

By: Symbion Project (5.1 FLAC)
Type: Digital Download
Misery In Soliloquy (2009) is an album of unique indie-electronic songs with flavors of downtempo and synth-pop, lush string arrangements, odd synthetic sound design, and haunting vocals from both Melissa R Kaplan (Universal Hall Pass, Splashdown) and Kasson Crooker. The album has been mixed in quadraphonic and presented here in 5.1 FLAC (the center and LFE channels are silent for a true quad listening experience). Fans of Portishead, Massive Attack, Ladytron, and Depeche Mode will enjoy this sonic experience.
Exploited & Exposed


  1. Exploited & Exposed
  2. Beyond Orion's Arm (ft Melissa R Kaplan)
  3. Exercise in Futility
  4. Toe the Line
  5. An Ocean Full of Waves
  6. I Need More Green than Grey
  7. Self-destruct & Self-destroyed
  8. Disbeliever, Do Not Conceal Disbelief in your Soul
  9. Elastic Words
  10. A Pea can be Chopped Up and Reassembled into the Sun
  11. The Smallest Pearl
  12. Misery in Soliloquy

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