No One Is Forgotten

By: Paola Prestini, Sxip Shirey, and Winter Miller (5.1 FLAC, Dolby Atmos MKV + MP4)
Type: Digital Download
Co-composed by Paola Prestini and Sxip Shirey with a libretto by Winter Miller adapted from her original play, No One Is Forgotten is a groundbreaking opera, fully designed to be delivered to its audience in the form of an immersive operatic radio play, an ‘invisible opera’, using cutting edge immersive audio technology. Through the soundscape of foley arts, actors, electronics, cello, and classical vocalists, this is a world where the audience can experience storytelling purely through sound and their imagination. Each purchase includes a digital booklet/interactive guide and bonus videos.
No One Is Forgotten: An Immersive Opera


  1. No One Is Forgotten: An Immersive Opera

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Matthew P.
This is a phenomenal concept for an immersive album and beautifully achieved!

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