By: Marc van Roon (Auro-3D FLAC)
Type: Digital Download
As a jazz pianist, Marc van Roon opts for an innovative approach that avoids clichés as much as possible. His productions bear witness to a refreshing vision in which he dares to take the necessary artistic risks. His latest offspring is the album 'Kinn' (by analogy with 'kinship') for the TRPTK label. Together with double bassist Omer Govreen and drummer Tristan Renfrow, he goes in search of other forms of playing together. The recording was made in Schiedam's Westvestkerk (NL), and the special acoustics of the space form an integral part of the musical result. Van Roon can be heard on grand piano as well as analogue synthesizer.
Wild Aesthesis


  1. Wild Aesthesis
  2. Biophonic Resonance
  3. Noeta 1
  4. When Heart Shells Dissolve
  5. Homeostasis
  6. Noeta 2
  7. Perceptronium
  8. Noeta 3
  9. Making Kin

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