Then Svenska Messan, HRV 404

By: Goteborg Baroque & Magnus Kjellson (Dolby Atmos MKV + MP4)
Type: Digital Download
Goteborg Baroque is pleased to announce the release of Johan Helmich Roman’s Then Svenska Messan, one of the most significant and beloved works in Swedish music history. Roman was a pioneer who was far ahead of his time, and today we see him as the founder of our modern musical culture. Goteborg Baroque has received accolades for its rigorous study and expressive presentation of older music in a way that makes it engaging for an audience today. With this recording, Nilento Records are proud to be able to introduce this important work to an international audience.
Herre Fobarma Tig Ofver Oss


  1. Herre Fobarma Tig Ofver Oss
  2. Ara Vare Gud I Hogden
  3. Och Frid Pa Jordene
  4. Vi Lofve Tig
  5. Vi Tacke Tig
  6. O Herre Gud
  7. O Herre Gud II
  8. O Herre Thens Aldra Hogstes Enfodde Son
  9. O Herre Gud, Guds Lamb
  10. Tu Som Sitter Pa Fadrens Hogra Hand
  11. Tu Som Borttager Verldenes Synder
  12. Ty Tu Ast Allena Helig
  13. Med Then Helga Anda

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