Two False Idols

By: Ben Craven (5.1 FLAC)
Type: Digital Download
Two False Idols is Australian progressive-rock singer-songwriter Ben Craven's debut studio album, originally released in 2006 under the stage named "Tunisia" and later remixed/re-sequenced in 2012. Craven describes the album as "a lush production, with a spacious sound and dense atmosphere," and had the following to say about the 2012 remix: "During the making of Great & Terrible Potions, my sonic preferences changed. I wanted to revisit my first album and bring out all the parts more clearly in the mix. I also re-sequenced the track running order to improve the flow of the album."
Great Divide


  1. Great Divide
  2. Captain Caper
  3. Over
  4. Enough About You
  5. If You Knew
  6. Not Me It's You
  7. When
  8. Golden Band
  9. Look Away
  10. Celeste

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