Evidence Unearthed – Alan Williams (5.1 FLAC)

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Evidence Unearthed is the brand new 25-year-old album from Alan Williams. Originally titled Evidence, the album was recorded in 1994-95 and intended for a Spring 1995 release. A study in contrast, Evidence Unearthed pushes the elements familiar to fans of Birdsong to wider extremes – louder and softer, more complex yet comfortable in simplicity. A once-buried treasure is now Evidence Unearthed.

The “Standard” edition features the 5.1 album. The “Deluxe” edition features the 5.1 album + 5.1 instrumental mixes.


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Alan Williams was a founding member of New England-based Knots and Crosses who signed an ill-fated deal with Island Records in 1994 after self-releasing two best-selling CDs in the Boston area. He went on to a career in studio engineering and production working with Patty Larkin, Jennifer Kimball, Lucy Kaplansky, The Nudes and Stephanie Winters among others. He served as musical director for Dar Williams and Cry Cry Cry before turning his attention to academia, earning a PhD in ethnomusicology from Brown University and becoming a Professor of Music at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. In 2007, he reclaimed his identity as a performing musician, forming Birdsong At Morning with Darleen Wilson and Greg Porter as a showcase for his songwriting. The band released a 4-CD debut box set entitledAnnals of My Glasshouse in 2011, followed by A Slight Departure in 2015 and Signs and Wonders in 2018. Both later releases are available as CD/Blu-Ray packages with all songs in both stereo and 5.1.

In 2020, Alan issued Evidence Unearthed as a CD/Blu-Ray package. The album is a reworking of an abandoned project from 1995, originally entitled Evidence. Keeping the basic tracks, he recorded new vocals, added some additional arrangement touches and remixed the album in stereo and 5.1. – an album 25 years in the making.

Alan continues to perform both solo and with Birdsong At Morning, and is presently working on a new album slated for release in 2022.


Album name

  1. 1. Tell All The World
  2. 2. Crosses
  3. 3. Anniston
  4. 4. For What It Is
  5. 5. Neon Dreaming
  6. 6. Binaural Girl
  7. 7. And So He Loves You
  8. 8. Take It On Faith
  9. 9. Falling On Deaf Ears
  10. 10. Always
  11. 11. Heaven Blessed
  12. 12. Keepsake

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Standard – 5.1 Album, Deluxe – 5.1 Album + Instrumentals