In My Dreams (Feat. Jonti)

By: Santpoort (Dolby Atmos MKV + MP4)
Type: Digital Download
Sparkling electronic pop song "in my dreams" is the newest single from Dutch producer Santpoort. The artist (who currently resides in Australia) has delivered the single alongside the announcement of his upcoming album, Maybe Not Tomorrow. The highly-anticipated 14-track LP will be out May 24 through indie label Friends of Friends. "In my dreams" is a bedroom pop track, stripped down and smooth, half underwater, half floating in bliss. Poolside but the pool is molded over, covered in lichen and vines. Jumanji with a MIDI. With help from psychedelic pop artist Jonti, this jam is a tinge vintage and retro yet modern and full of glam and grooves. The Dolby Atmos mix was created at Austin Signal Studios.
In My Dreams


  1. In My Dreams

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