In Suspended Animation

By: Dark Cinder Veneer (Auro 3D FLAC)
Type: Digital Download
The idea behind the album "In Suspended Animation" by ambient artist Dark Cinder Veneer" is the journey one takes through both dreams and fears. How does one overcome subconscious blockades and release oneself back into the life you want to live? Using a minimal approach, the album travels in the limbo that exists between music and sound. The chord-drones surrounded by slow, evocative hints of melody, harmony and sparse sprinkles of spacious sound, take you deep inside and simultaneously far out there. Travel safe in sound.
An Eon Of Deep Sleep Dreaming


  1. An Eon Of Deep Sleep Dreaming
  2. In Suspended Animation
  3. Ascending
  4. The Sentient Nebula

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