Greatest Hits Volume 3

By: Jacob Mann Big Band (Dolby Atmos MP4 + MKV)
Type: Digital Download
Jacob Mann Big Band, formed in 2016, is a 17-piece ensemble performing the compositions of Jacob Mann.. Greatest Hits Volume 3 is their third release and first full-length album. The music was recorded in one December day at EastWest Studios in Hollywood, with each band tracking four charts in four hours. The album also features notable musicians such as Sam Wilkes, Nick Campbell, Jamey Arent, Amber Navran, Andris Mattson, Max Bryk, Jon Hatamiya, and Alex Hahn.  
The Soy Lentman Show


  1. The Soy Lentman Show
  2. Banana Phone Bill
  3. Flight Screen Solitaire
  4. Squid Word
  5. Emotionless Funk
  6. Ray Guy
  7. Breaking News Shuffle
  8. The Telemarketer

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This is a superb sounding album. I would have like slighlty more use of overheads and wides discreetly but this is very immersive and dynamic. Plenty of use of rears and nice sounding bass. Rich tones and no harshness. Well worth it.

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