Nitrogen Dreams

By: José Bautista (Dolby Atmos MKV + MP4)
Type: Digital Download
Nitrogen Dreams is the latest album from experimental composer, sound artist and documentary filmmaker José Bautista, which explores the oneiric concept used in film theory from a sonic point of view. Through a combination of sound landscapes produced by urban nature recordings with electronic and vocal/choir developments, each track of this album explores the meaning of restless dream from a purely physical side. You are welcome to glide over a sound platform made of nitrogen crystals.
Sliding On A Sulfur Crystal, Part I


  1. Sliding On A Sulfur Crystal, Part I
  2. Them
  3. Nitrogen Dreams
  4. An Xiang
  5. Being In Front Of You
  6. Wonderland
  7. Sliding On A Sulfur Crystal, Part II

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