Ancestros Sinfónico Extended

By: Síntesis, X Alfonso, Eme Alfonso (Dolby Atmos MKV + MP4)
Type: Digital Download
Thirty-five years after Síntesis marked the route to one of the most iconic landscapes of Cuban music, X Alfonso has united his family to retrace that path and to reach a new world. Recorded between Portugal and Havana, mixed for Immersive Audio at El Cerrito Record and mastered by Michael Romanowski at Coast Mastering, Ancestros Sinfónico is a fascinating invitation to rediscover the legacy of Síntesis. The album won a Latin GRAMMY® in the Best Folk Album category in 2022. Ancestros Sinfónico is a love story of a son for his parents; of a family proud of its legacy; a family capable of reinventing a country through music, once again.
Ibaragó Moyugba Elegguá


  1. Ibaragó Moyugba Elegguá
  2. Aguanileó Oggún Oggún
  3. Yakuma Kareré Oshosi
  4. Aremú Odudduá
  5. Asoñaña Agó Maddó Babalú Ayé
  6. Rezo Changó Changó
  7. Changó La Meta Changó
  8. Orichaó Babá Obatalá
  9. Ayabba
  10. Oyaddé
  11. Oyá Wimiloro Oyá
  12. Awoyó Yemayá Yemayá
  13. Iyamilé Oro Oshún

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