By: Patrick Gleeson (5.1 & QUARK FLAC)
Type: Digital Download
FOUREVER is the latest release from Grammy-nominated musician/producer Patrick Gleeson. An 18th Century English literature PHD professor turned Master synthesist, Gleeson is best known for his collaborations with Apocalypse Now and Herbie Hancock’s legendary Mwandishi septet. FOUREVER explores the edge of minimalist jazz in quadraphonic sound. For the first time ever, FOUREVER is presented in discrete quadraphonic surround sound via 5.1 FLAC files. The deluxe edition includes 2.0 QUARK FLAC files encoded to play in both stereo and Regular Matrix quadraphonic sound (compatible with Sansui QS, Involve, Dolby Pro-Logic II).


  1. PSK
  2. Unacceptable Dance Styles
  3. The Way Of The World
  4. It's About Time

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