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With her distinctive voice and evocative sound, American born award winning artist, SEAY (pronounced ‘say’) has gained prominence as both a vocalist and composer. With her signature vocals and uplifting sound, the beauty of Seay’s artistry draws listeners from across the globe, with music in the Pop, World and New Age genres, airing on radio, satellite and syndicated programs with several million plays of her videos. Seay is a Billboard multi award winning artist, Global Music and Peace Ambassador with Project Peace on Earth and a three-time recipient of the Peace Song Awards. Her current 2021 special release “Dream”, Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Silverman at Palette Studio, Nashville, TN, is a reflection of her mission to illuminate the world and fill the listener with light, life, and imagination.

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With classical training in both voice and music, Seay’s formative years were spent playing piano, studying voice and traveling with her family throughout the Far East while her father, an army physician, finished his medical residency. Growing up in a rich creative Renaissance household, Seay was exposed to the arts and the world’s cultures for much of her life. She later attended the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London, completing an MA Degree in Decorative Arts. It was while living in England and returning to her family’s English roots, her music journey began, singing on projects for song publishers Carlin, Motown, Warner Chappell Music, artists Elaine Paige and Annie Lennox and performing in London’s music scene. “I have always felt like I am a citizen of the world and my creativity reflects that with universal themes and inspirations.”

In recent years, Seay has forged an atmospheric style of music as a vocalist and songwriter. Under her label, Tuscan Sun Music, Seay has released music in the World, New Age, Adult Contemporary, and Music Therapy genres. Her debut album 1 Voice, an album of world influences and celestial vocals with selections was featured on the launch of XM’s HD Surround on Fine Tuning alongside Sting, Ray Charles, Enya and Norah Jones.

Her recent vocal work includes participation on the world music project “Shanti Samsara,” launching the United Nations COP21 Climate Change conference in Paris produced by Ricky Kej. One of the special honors of her musical career has been performing a benefit concert of the songs of Oscar Winning Lyricists Alan and Marilyn Bergman, with the Bergmans in attendance. Her deepest wish is to continue to uplift and illuminate the world with light and hope.


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  1. 1. Dream

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