Bilocation – Steve Marshall (5.1 FLAC)

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Bilocation is to be in two places simultaneously. This extraordinary album from British composer Steve Marshall defines ‘immersive’ as it sonically transports the listener to exotic and strange locations, recreated three-dimensionally like audio holograms. Unique and beautiful transaural sounds come from all around – even from directly overhead, where there are no speakers! Sometimes the sounds are multi-layered. Spinning on a fairground ride we are concurrently inside an enormous, echoing dome in India, then on the back of a galloping horse. Helicopters and thunderstorms rumble overhead; a gigantic steam train materializes in your listening room…

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This surreal journey into surround sound has been a rare and sought-after collectors’ item ever since its initial release of just a few hundred copies in 2004. British composer Steve Marshall, who worked for a time in the famous BBC Radiophonic Workshop, spent many years making the binaural recordings used for Bilocation, with a variety of dummy heads. Binaural recording is renowned for its vivid and realistic spatial imaging, but it is widely believed that the recordings must be replayed on headphones, rather than speakers. The sounds of “Bilocation” were transposed into 5.1 surround using a novel ‘transaural’ technique that reproduces all the depth and realism of binaural recording on speakers – something often regarded as impossible! The download is accompanied by a pdf of notes on the recordings, with instructions and a printable template for correctly setting up the speakers of a 5.1 system. In 2004 Steve Marshall wrote an article about the making of “Bilocation” for Sound On Sound magazine, which may be found in their online archive.

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“Bilocation” is one continuous track for a full immersive experience. Refer to the album notes included with the download for the context and description around each element.