By: Ayse Deniz Birdal (Dolby Atmos MKV)
Type: Digital Download
Sky-Cut was produced with the support of the Anner Bijlsma Award and the Cello Biennale Amsterdam. Using the prize money from the 2018 Anner Bijlsma Award, cello phenomenon Giovanni Sollima set up an intensive development program for four young international cellists – Ayşe Deniz Birdal (Turkey), Maya Fridman (Russia), Abel Selaocoe (South Africa) and Chiara Trentin (Italy). They all were looking to become far more than just soloists playing the standard repertoire. Sky-Cut is the result of the journey each musician made during this project.


  1. Sky-Cut
  2. Sterntropfen
  3. Kamber Hanim
  4. Beatrix Of Joy
  5. 6 Miniatures (I)
  6. 6 Miniatures (II)
  7. 6 Miniatures (III)
  8. 6 Miniatures (IV)
  9. 6 Miniatures (V)
  10. 6 Miniatures (VI)
  11. Tautropfen (I)
  12. Tautropfen (II)
  13. Tautropfen (III)
  14. Control
  15. The Ivy
  16. Amnesiac Bells

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