A Free Mind

By: Sweatson Klank (Dolby Atmos MKV + MP4)
Type: Digital Download
Released on Friends of Friends, A Free Mind is a masterpiece from a producer and multi-instrumentalist (keys, drum machine, live bass, guitar, percussion) who discovered a secret chamber where digital funk, contemporary soul, the Belleville Three and Mr. Fingers can all convene on the dancefloor. A Free Mind is both futuristic and reverent to the past, nostalgic without being derivative, uplifting without being corny. Sweatson Klank has created an end-to-end burner with no expiration date – a testament to the freedom that comes when you refuse to be tethered to one style. The Dolby Atmos Mix was created at Austin Signal Studios.
Move Freely


  1. Move Freely
  2. The Limit
  3. Sweat's Bounce
  4. No Other
  5. Summer Sand
  6. Driftwood
  7. Stop Talking
  8. Stuck Inside Your Love
  9. Circa 95
  10. Can I Go
  11. Not Alone
  12. The Road To Love
  13. Full Circle

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