Early Americans

By: Jane Ira Bloom (5.1 WAV + Blu-Ray)
Type: Digital Download
Early Americans (2016) is American jazz saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom’s 16th studio album. Produced and mixed by award-winning engineer Jim Anderson at Manhattan’s Avatar Studios, Early Americans received the Grammy Award for Best Immersive Audio Album in 2018. Available as a digital download or CD/BluRay bundle.
Song Patrol


  1. Song Patrol
  2. Dangerous Times
  3. Nearly
  4. Hips and Sticks
  5. Singing The Triangle
  6. Other Eyes
  7. Rhyme Or Reason
  8. Mind Gray River
  9. Cornets of Paradise
  10. Say More
  11. Gateway To Progress
  12. Big Bill
  13. Somewhere

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Jane Ira Bloom

Jane Ira Bloom is a Grammy-award winning American jazz soprano saxophonist. She is a pioneer in the use of live electronics and movement in jazz, and has collaborated with other outstanding jazz musicians as Kenny Wheeler, Charlie Haden, Ed Blackwell, Rufus Reid, Matt Wilson, Bob Brookmeyer, Julian Priester, Jerry Granelli, Billy Hart, Mark Dresser, Bobby Previte, & Fred Hersch.