Cluburbia (Octomix EP)

By: Leftroman (5.1 FLAC + Dolby Atmos MP4 & MKV)
Type: Digital Download
"Cluburbia - Octomix EP" is the new release by Leftroman, the artist name of lan Condry, anthropology professor at MIT and founder of the MIT Spatial Sound Lab. The songs explore different styles and approaches to immersive audio: abstract, enveloping percussion in "Gong Onsen,” tribal house in "Wayhighland Underground," avant-rock guitar in "Kaiju Amp Battle," and slipping, sliding deep house in "Synthtest.” The tracks are experiments in the mixing possibilities of spatial audio, originally designed for an 8.1 home basement setup. Some effects are homemade, playing with  "grooveslip” and frequency variations to highlight juxtaposition. Others are inspired by colleagues at, Dolby, d&b Soundscape, and Involve Audio.
Gong Onsen


  1. Gong Onsen
  2. Wayhighland Underground
  3. Kaiju Amp Battle
  4. Synthtest

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