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The Savior – A Bad Think (FLAC 5.1 Download)

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A Bad Think is a one-man project driven by Michael Marquart, record producer and multi-instrumentalist who writes and performs all of his tracks with help from the industry’s top studio musicians. His latest release, “The Savior,” is a beautifully 5.1 mastered double album consisting of 18 songs of modern progressive rock. Produced by Marquart with Dave Way (Beck, Foo Fighters), and mixed by Bob Clearmountain (Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi), the album was recorded in Los Angeles at Windmark Recording and is distributed by The Orchard.


Feel Me (Single) – A Bad Think (FLAC 5.1 Download)

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“Feel Me,” the primary single released from A Bad Think’s The Savior, contemplates a state of reality as singer-songwriter, Michael Marquart, enters a new stage of his life and career. With its lyrics (“They just don’t feel it anymore”), the track seems to emanate a feeling of exhaustion, juxtaposed with energetic melodies that represent Marquart’s persistent fervor for life. Written by Marquart himself, the intimate track stands out as the album’s star single, while simultaneously fitting perfectly in its place within the double album’s larger narrative.