As the industry-wide rollout of Dolby Atmos music proceeds at a breakneck pace, we at IAA continue to build our online catalog of high-resolution immersive digital downloads. In case you missed them, in the article below we highlight four exciting new Dolby Atmos music titles recently added to our online shop.

Room 219 Combo - Saturday In September (Dolby Atmos MKV & MP4)

Room 219 Combo Dolby Atmos IAA

Room 219 is the place where four friends' love of Jazz was born as middle schoolers. The name Room 219 Combo is a tribute to that place and, ultimately, a tribute to their former band director, Bob Athayde. The band is composed of Tommy Gallagher on drums, Spencer Tantameng on vibes, Lucas Chow on piano, and Nathan Joseph on Moog. The group brings a traditional approach to Jazz while keeping it fresh with the unique sound of the Moog.

Saturday in September was recorded on location at the Acalanes High School band room in Lafayette, California, where all the members are either alumni or currently enrolled as of the record's release. Bay Area Veteran engineer Matt Boudreau--who is a well-known voice in the Pro Audio community for his Working Class Audio podcast--produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered the record in both stereo and Dolby Atmos.

During the recording process, Boudreau knew he would eventually mix in Atmos and strategically placed microphones around the room to contribute to the recording's spacious natural sound. Boudreau is no stranger to location recordings in school band rooms, as he recorded and mixed the 20-piece big band album by Bay Area Jazz heroes the Kyle Athayde Dance Party for their Blue Album release. The connection comes full circle in that Kyle Athayde and his father, Bob Athayde, taught and mentored the members of Room 219 Combo.

Saturday in September is a glimpse into the future of four highly talented young men at the beginning of a long career, collectively or individually.

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Lauren Diamond - Good Enough (Dolby Atmos MKV & MP4)

Lauren Diamong Good Enough Dolby Atmos

Currently based out of Austin, Texas, Lauren Diamond is a passionate singer/songwriter who has always strived to hit the "true" feelings in her music. Her songs can be found on Pandora Radio, Apple Music, Spotify, and many other digital platforms.

In November 2023, she self-released “Good Enough”--an exciting new EP featuring three original country-pop songs. The EP was mixed in Dolby Atmos by veteran Grammy-nominated producer/engineer Chris Bell (Mr. Big, Brian Blade, Dave Matthews, The Eagles, etc).

Right from the first notes of “Stuck In My Head,” the listener is immediately surrounded by acoustic guitars while Diamond’s voice stays locked to the front stage. A shaker appears primarily in the front left height speaker. Splashy room mics sparkle overhead for “Claws,” with short bursts of electric guitar wildly roving around the room.

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Jere B - Spirit & Soul (Dolby Atmos MKV & MP4)

Jere B Spirit & Soul Dolby Atmos

Composer, producer, and musician Jere B's new Spirit & Soul EP features three songs previously released through his Ohio Jazz Fusion project, SounDoctrine, and his solo album Fizh & Gritz.

The tune “Incipience” is an updated remix of the swirling title track from SounDoctrine’s 2001 debut and features keyboardist Cliff Barnes, guitarist Rik Willmitch and saxophonist Mitch Lawrence.  “Marriage” is a romantic remix from the bands’ 2010 “Inspire” album and features award winning flautist Ragan Whiteside (Bride), Saxophonist Keith McKelley (Groom) and Cliff Barnes on Piano (Holy Spirit).

Finally, the controversial “Obfuscating Euphemisms” from 2019’s Fizh & Gritz is performed entirely by Jere B with spicy clavinet drops by keyboardist Jeremy Lucas. Jere B chose each song for Dolby Atmos to demonstrate the majesty of the immersive experience while amplifying the soundscapes presented within the tunes from very different perspectives.

Spirit & Soul was remixed by Danny Jones at Across The Road LLC, a certified Dolby Atmos mixing facility, and mastered by multi Grammy award-winner Michael Romanowski at Coast Mastering.

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The Progressive Souls Collective - Sonic Birth (Dolby Atmos MKV & MP4)

TSPC Sonic Birth Dolby Atmos

In 2019, Florian Zepf founded The Progressive Souls Collective (TPSC) as a vehicle for his musical ideas and compositions. The goal was not to create a band in the traditional sense, but rather to bring together a collective of the best musicians operating within the progressive metal genre.

Zepf was able to recruit a who’s-who prog-metal icons for this project, including Aquiles Priester (Ex-Angra) on drums, Conner Green (Haken) on bass, Luis Conte (Eric Clapton, Phil Collins) on percussions, Vladimir Lalic (Organized Chaos, David Maxim Micic) on vocals, Kevin Moore (Ex-Dream Theater, O.S.I, Chroma Key) providing loops & samples, and Derek Sherinian (Ex-Dream Theater, Sons of Apollo, Black Country Communion) as a special guest on keyboards.

TPSC’s debut studio album, Sonic Birth, was released in September 2020 through Metalville Records and Rough Trade. Sonic Birth is a love letter to heavy progressive music that fans of acts such as Dream Theater, Black Country Communion, Angra, and Haken will surely enjoy. 

Having reached out to the finest musicians to bring TPSC to life, Zepf also wanted the best when it came to mixing and mastering the album. Sonic Birth additionally employs the exceptional skills of producer/engineer Adair Daufembach (Tony MacAlpine, Dirk Verbeuren, etc), who mixed the album in stereo, 5.1 surround sound, and Dolby Atmos at Daufembach Studio in Los Angeles.

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