LG’s soundbars have come a long way in recent years. The LG SN11RG is from their 2020 releases and provides you with Dolby Atmos support and a quality, immersive home setup that has a small soundbar and some impressive, modern features.


The LG SN11RG has a sleek design, and though the soundbar is very wide (prohibitively wide for some small apartments) it is a suitable option for many TV cabinets and sits nicely under a 65” television if you are lucky enough to have a screen this size.

The soundbar is combined with a subwoofer and two supplemental speakers, which helps it to give a bit more of an immersive feel and truly fill the room with sound. Upfiring drivers and front firing drivers are both included, which helps to provide more of a 3D experience, while not completely immersive.


The LG soundbar also has Atmos and DTS:X support inbuilt, and it is clearly made with this in mind. There are very few systems that can actually give you an overhead audio experience all from a simple soundbar and a few extra satellites.

Tested with music, the only real criticism we could have is that this is quite bass heavy, but some simple EQing can mitigate this.

With movies, the extra channels, sub, and upfiring speaker make for a responsive system with excellent dynamic range, allowing you to enjoy the low bass rumbles, explosions, and immersive sounds of a cityscape all the same.

Compatibility & Ease of Use

The LG SN11RG offers a 7.1.4 system with an incredible amount of power. 770W is a lot for your home system, and can even give you more of a “cinema room” than a living room.

The support for high-res audio up to 24 bit and 192 kHz gives you the utmost quality when listening to music, and the compatibility with Google Home means you can stream directly from a variety of apps. Inbuilt microphones even allow you to activate Google assistant.

One really excellent feature that we loved when checking out this system was the “up-converting.” This means that a 5.1 system gets upmixed automatically to make use of the added channels and immersive soundstage.

A lot of systems that offer something like this don’t do the best job. The LG system has been excellently engineered with an up-converter that is better than a lot of the competing models. There’s no point in having an immersive system if it has limitations and you can’t make the most of it.


While this is not the cheapest soundbar on the market, it is fair to say that the price tag is justified with the extra hardware (speakers) and the fact that it provides such a loud, quality sound that hits the ears from all many different angles.

Yes, it’s expensive. However, for the money, there aren’t many better options for home audio systems. It’s a bigger investment than most home soundbars, but for the extra bass and up-firing channels, it is worth considering this model, which may even satisfy some true audiophiles.

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