Pure Audio Recordings is an online portal for all Pure Audio Blu-Ray disc releases. Their site contains a comprehensive listing of available releases in the format, as well as an online store and extras such as prize draws and downloads. In the article below, we break down five exciting new entries in their online immersive catalog.

Rodriguez Jr - Feathers & Bones

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Award-winning French music producer and live performer Olivier Mateu, better known as Rodriguez Jr, released his latest album Feathers & Bones in May 2023. This technological masterpiece can be experienced as a Pure Audio Blu-Ray with Dolby Atmos and 5.1 surround sound mixes, inviting the listener into a more immersive soundscape.

The album is the pivotal point for a new chapter in Rodriguez Jr’s life and carries the personal alchemy he seeks in his live shows; oscillating between dreamy melodies, ethereal textures and kinetic beats. Feathers & Bones is a must for all music lovers in search of a truly immersive listening experience.

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Silent Work - Sonic Leaks

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The Swiss duo Silent Work, consisting of Olaf Strassen and Lasse Nipkow, present their first Blu-Ray immresive album. With the compositions for Sonic Leaks, they have focused on the creative use of immersive space, using Dolby Atmos and AURO-3D formats. These mixes allow for a unique musical experience.

The album was fine-tuned by award-winning sound engineers Stefan Bock and David Merkl from MSM Studios, as well as Grammy-nominated producer and managing director of New Audio Technology Tom Ammermann.

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Martin Kalberer - RAUM

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RAUM is Martin Kälberer’s latest live project, a three-dimensional live concert experience recorded in March 2023 at Germany's Groundlift studio. Martin Kälberer has composed new pieces specifically for this new immersive setting, placing listener right on stage in the middle of the action.

A variety of eclectic instruments such as handpan, percussion, vibraphone, and synthesizer float all throughout the room, taking the audience on an unprecedented audio-visual journey. The visual projections by Gene Aichner further enhance the two-hour immersive experience.

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Big Big Train - The Likes Of Us

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The British progressive rock band’s hotly-anticipated sixteenth studio album and first to feature new frontman Alberto Bravin finally arrived on March 1. The Likes Of Us is a remarkable achievement for the band: a triumph of songwriting, composition, and performance in the wake of tragedy. The album is sure to please fans of Big Big Train both old and new, as well as those seeking out an incredible immersive audio experience. 

The CD/Blu-Ray deluxe edition contains amazing 5.1 surround sound & Dolby Atmos mixes from The Pineapple Thief’s Bruce Soord. Soord remains one of the few mixers to really take advantage of all the possibilities that object-based immersive audio offers. Though some individual sounds do appear largely isolated in specific speakers, other elements seem to float out into the room with pinpoint accuracy. 

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Gentle Giant - The Missing Piece (2024 Remix)

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Originally released in August 1977 through Capitol Records in the United States and Chrysalis Records in the United Kingdom, The Missing Piece was Gentle Giant’s ninth studio album and now the latest to be reissued in CD/Blu-Ray format part of an acclaimed reissue campaign from the band’s label Alucard Records.

The Missing Piece is something of a transitional work in the band’s catalog, as side one sees them veering away from their usual eclectic sound towards more-accessible pop (“Two Weeks In Spain”), soul/funk (“Mountain Time,” “Who Do You Think You Are?”), and even punk rock (“Betcha Thought We Couldn’t Do It”) stylings. Side two quickly delves back into the experimental realm, featuring the insane percussion-laden “Winning” as well as one of the band’s most heartfelt compositions: the largely-acoustic “Memories Of Old Days.”

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