SteelSeries may not necessarily be one of the first names that comes to me when you’re considering buying a new set of headphones or a gaming headset. Their brand has grown considerably in popularity, and the Siberia 650 is the latest iteration.

In this review, we’ll explore whether or not this product has what it takes to help you enjoy immersive audio or 3D sound while gaming, or if your interest in the Siberia 650 should be ice cold.


The Siberia 650 is not expensive by the standards of many other headsets. It sits in the mid-range, and while not in the absolute cheapest tier, a lot of people are surprised to see the features on offer. These include:

  • 7.1 Surround with Dolby's Pro-Logic IIx and Dolby Headphone
  • Suspension headband and adjustable earcups
  • Included USB soundcard to allow you to adjust the audio profile

The SteelSeries Siberia 650 headset also comes with a microphone. It is popular among gamers, who use the headset to enjoy some of the modern, immersive soundscapes on offer with the newest generation of games. Undeniably, the brand packs a fairly impressive set of features into their headset, but there are both pros and cons, as you would expect from any set of headphones.

The Positives

To be able to enjoy a virtual 7.1 platform in your headset and listen to both binaural and immersive sound easily is hugely beneficial, especially when you consider the cost of the SteelSeries Siberia 650. You can adjust the EQ and audio profile to get the sound reproduction you want, and have plenty of audio frequencies to play with. This is capable of reproducing audio from 16Hz to 28kHz, more than any human can actually hear.

The Siberia 650 comes with a USB connection, and offers both audio out and mic in jacks, so you can even plug in a separate microphone, for instance for gaming.

The Negatives

The sound fidelity is decent, and it certainly has the punch for some of those gaming sound effects. For audiophiles, and lovers of immersive sound, you may want to go for a slight upgrade.

On top of that, the headphones feel a little bit flimsy. The casing has a lot of plastic, and long-term use isn’t as comfortable as it could be in spite of the cushioned pads. This is especially true if you’ve got a larger head.

This was made with the gamer in mind. It’s much easier to use for PC gaming, but consoles may need an adapter to be able to use the Siberia 650.

The microphone that is included is also very low in quality. This might not be your priority, so it may not be an issue for just playing games with friends. However, if you want to speak clearly or make gaming videos then the Siberia 650 could struggle.

Overall, I feel that these headphones give you the feeling of proper spatial or immersive audio without costing a huge sum of money. That’s beneficial for many hobbyists. If you’re keen to get the very best in comfort and audio clarity, it might be worth paying for a tier up in headphone class to ensure the highest fidelity possible.

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