A lot of us don’t take the right level of care when it comes to protecting our vinyl collection. Even the proudest audiophiles can get a little lazy when it comes to ensuring their beloved records are in tip top condition, but you shouldn’t.

With the Spin-Clean Vinyl LP Washer, a relatively small investment can help you to make your vinyl shine and sparkle like new, and more easily than ever before.

The benefits of clean vinyl are clear. As well as extending the lifespan of the records, and preventing needles from wearing as quickly on your player, a clean vinyl actually plays back with more clarity. There are loads of reasons to keep it clean, but is the Spin-Clean the ideal solution?

Using the Spin Clean – How it Works

The Spin Clean is on its second iteration, the MKII. It gets its name from the fact that the vinyl sits upright within a cradle, and you literally spin it around to get the surface of the record clean.

There’s a small amount of setup to get the product working for the very first time, including pre-washing the included cloths and adding a cleaning solution and rollers to the device.

Once you have done this, the steps to clean a record are super easy:

  1. Insert your record into the Spin Clean Record Washer System MKII.
  2. Rotate the record three times in both directions. That’s three times clockwise and three counterclockwise.
  3. Remove the vinyl and wipe clean with a pre-washed drying towel, only wiping in a clockwise motion.
  4. Ensure that the record is dry before returning it to the sleeve or giving it a spin.

The system works best if you use distilled water, but tap water is okay if distilled water isn’t available.

The Spin Clean system works just as well with LPs, 45s, and 78 RPMs. If it is your very first time using it then you might not want to put your treasured first pressing album in there, but if you follow the manufacturer instructions then there is very little risk.

There’s a lot of debate about what materials you should use to clean records. Some people use soap, but we do not recommend these sorts of harsh chemicals!

Spin Clean’s solution (literally) is alcohol-free, and their vinyl cleaning fluid comes with the device or can be bought separately. It is diluted before sitting in the base of the device to help with your vinyl deep cleaning. You get enough with your purchase to clean 700 records.

In Summary – Is This The Deep Clean You’re Looking For?

Unless you’re an experienced vinyl user who has cleaned your share of records, it can feel like there is a lot of guesswork involved. Having a product like the Spin Clean Washer makes it much easier, and can give you confidence that you are getting a thorough clean without having to make your own cleaning solutions or use a brush.

On top of all this, the clarity and reduction in surface noise is noticeable, especially on older records that have seen better days. The Spin-Clean Vinyl LP Washer can reinvigorate your collection.

Thinking of purchasing your own Spin-Clean Vinyl LP Washer? Support IAA by purchasing via our link!

Support IAA by purchasing the Spin Clean Vinyl Washer!

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