what an actor you are

By: toad (5.1 FLAC)
Type: Digital Download
"what an actor you are" is Texas artist toad's second self released album. The record explores a uniqe world of texture and rhythm, as toad melds classic jungle and liquid drum 'n bass sound with his unique atmospheric production. The immersive sonic landscape washes over the listener and brings them into his world. "what an actor you are" has been remixed from the original 44.1-kHz/24-bit multitracks into 5.1 surround sound to expand the wall of sound that the album holds.
which way


  1. which way
  2. this is
  3. built up
  4. going around (radio edit)
  5. carry me
  6. away to
  7. wise save
  8. off moving
  9. calling crazy
  10. the way
  11. off moving (demo)

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