Short Order Apocalypse

By: Scarred Art (5.1 FLAC)
Type: Digital Download
When the COVID pandemic hit, it seemed to be the best time for crafting a tribute to the gloom and doom days of post-punk and goth. So for its third album, that's exactly what Texas-based DIY project Scarred Art did. Fans of the genre will relate to the big snare hits, guitars awash in reverb, and keyboard pads to add a bit of mood and melody. The songs touch upon several real-life events that occurred during the course of the pandemic. They start at the beginning with fear of the unknown, and tackle events such as the story of brothers lost to pandemics 100 years apart, nursing home visits, triage in Italy, crazy preachers in Louisiana, extended shutdowns, George Floyd, politician and media lunacy, mistreatment of our fellow man, and the plight of health care workers. This 5.1 mix offers better separation and more punch than the original stereo release.


  1. Inside
  2. Empty Streets
  3. Alpha Omega
  4. At Your Window
  5. Old and Grey
  6. The Devil's Right Hand Man
  7. Wearing Thin (Bring The End)
  8. Expert
  9. Let The Madness Begin
  10. In The Meantime

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