Refractory Cores / Shelter In Western Regions

By: Luke Elliott (Dolby Atmos MKV + MP4)
Type: Digital Download
Luke Elliott is an English-born musician, composer, and synthesist based in Amsterdam. On Every Somewhere, his forthcoming AKP Recordings debut, Elliott utilizes sampling and re-sampling, modular and analog synthesizers to construct a buoyant and effervescent dreamworld. Voyaging patiently and thoughtfully between organic and digital textures, these qualities form the soul of this music. Luke Elliott’s greatest strength is his ability to imagine. The first two singles from his upcoming album Every Somewhere, "Refractory Cores" and "Shelter In Western Regions," are the sound of an artist imagining, dreaming of, focusing on an alien world which could be our own.
Refractory Cores


  1. Refractory Cores
  2. Shelter In Western Regions

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