less company: the mr. afternoon mix

By: Toad (5.1 FLAC)
Type: Digital Download
less company is the first studio album from Texan artist toad with clean synth-scapes and groovy drum lines. The album describes the relationship between technology and nature by contrasting gritty drum samples with pure synth tones. less company has been remixed from the original multi-tracks to 5.1 surround sound by Mr. Afternoon, best known for his 2021 immersive release The Golden Bonana. Enjoy less company in a new, exciting way - free of charge!


  1. Intro
  2. Rude Interruption
  3. The Man Got Some Bongos
  4. Someone Got Too Close To The LFO
  5. Dusty Made Lead
  6. Lost Groove
  7. The Gang Sings One Last Time
  8. Thonk

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