Across The Room

By: Soul Glitch (5.1 FLAC + Dolby Atmos MKV & MP4)
Type: Digital Download
Soul Glitch's latest single, "Across the Room," explores themes of longing and desire amidst the fleeting passage of time. The narrator describes the intense connection with someone they admire from afar, highlighting the significance of eye contact and the emotions it evokes. There's a tension between the desire to hold on to the moment and the acknowledgment that it may not be sustainable or even right. The lyrics reflect on the uncertainty of the future and the struggle to reconcile desire with moral considerations. Overall, the song captures the bittersweet essence of fleeting moments and the complexities of human connection. "Across The Room" was mixed in Dolby Atmos by Matt Boudreau.
Across The Room


  1. Across The Room
  2. Across The Room (Radio Edit)

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