A Cold Wind Blows (Evolution)

By: Debra Lyn (5.1 FLAC + Dolby Atmos MKV & MP4)
Type: Digital Download
Originally released in 2014, A Cold Wind Blows was Debra Lyn's second solo album for Nashville's Palette Records. Defined by its acoustic roots and introspective lyricism, the album invites the listener on a compelling journey into the intricate nuances and raw truths that influence our closest bonds, define our emotions, and ultimately shape our identities. Remixed and remastered in Dolby Atmos by Jeff Silverman, A Cold Wind Blows (Evolution) undergoes a profound transformation. Featuring an updated rendition of "So Long Since September" and the new song "Carried The Torch," Jeff's meticulous production and collaborative contributions as a songwriter and musician breathe new life into the new album, enhancing its depth and resonance for both longtime fans and new listeners alike.
A Cold Wind Blows


  1. A Cold Wind Blows
  2. One Heart
  3. Carried The Torch
  4. So Long Since September
  5. Closer To Goodbye
  6. Believe
  7. With Or Without You
  8. If I Never Wake Up Again
  9. Drunken Fool
  10. I'll Always Miss The Love I Left Behind
  11. Swim The River
  12. Till I'm Gone

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Debra Lyn

Debra Lyn is a multi-award-winning Americana/Folk singer and songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. She is known for her soulful voice that resonates with authenticity, captivating melodies, and heartfelt storytelling. Debra’s songs delve into the depths of human experiences, exploring themes of love, loss, and resilience. Her lyrics are poignant and reflective, often drawing inspiration from personal experiences and observations of the world around her.