As the industry-wide rollout of Dolby Atmos music proceeds at a breakneck pace, we at IAA continue to build our online catalog of high-resolution immersive digital downloads. In case you missed them, in the article below we highlight five exciting new Dolby Atmos music titles recently added to our online shop.

Hank Hehmsoth - Blu-Escape (Dolby Atmos MKV & MP4)

Hank Hehmsoth Atmos MKV Download IAA

Featuring his acoustic quartet Double Vision with flutist/saxophonist John Mills, bassist Utah Hamrick, and drummer Aaron Easley, Hank Hehmsoth’s new album Blu-Escape showcases the group’s intuitive interplay. Blu-Escape reinforces Hehmsoth’s reputation as a distinctive composer whose unique harmonic imprint and affecting melodies are apparent on the album’s nine original tunes. 

From the initial spark of composition to a year of live performances with Double Vision, every facet of this recording has been nurtured with care by an exceptional team of artists and engineers. The album was mixed in Dolby Atmos by Chris Bell and mastered by Oli Morgan at Abbey Road Studios.

The Atmos mix drops the listener right in the middle of the jazz ensemble, with Easley's drum kit interestingly placed entirely in the rear surround speakers. John Mills' sax takes up residence largely in the center channel, while Hamrick's bass hovers off to the right.

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Tigermind - What's The Rush What's The Hold Up (Dolby Atmos MKV & MP4)

Tigermind What's The Rush Atmos MKV IAA Download

Seattle native Joshua Smith has found a home in Austin TX. Drawing from many styles and themes, the music of Tigermind is as familiar as it is diverse. Both in tone and simplicity. It is acoustic, electronic, ethereal and earthy. His latest release “What’s The Rush What’s The Hold Up,” was recorded, co-produced, and mixed in both stereo & Dolby Atmos by Chris Bell.

The Atmos mix spreads all the layers of acoustic guitar and multi-tracked vocals to the side and rear speakers, while Smith's lead vocal stays locked to the center channel with pinpoint accuracy. The height channels are used primarily for you-are-there delays and studio ambience.

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Richard Houghten - Sampling With Franny (Dolby Atmos MKV & MP4)

Richard Houghten Atmos MKV IAA Download

Richard Houghten is a multi-instrumentalist, audio collage artist, and recording engineer from Southern California. He releases music under his own name as well as Bloomypetaland (in collaboration with beat maker Brandon Burger) A Cosmic Gift.

Inspired by time spent with his infant daughter, Sampling With Franny is Houghten's third full-length release of 2024 (following Art Life and Moon Rider). Sampling With Franny continues to showcase Houghten's signature downtempo electronic style, layering sparkling acoustic guitar over looped beats. The Dolby Atmos mix was created at Austin Signal Studios.

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Sweatson Klank - Embers (Dolby Atmos MKV & MP4)

Sweatson Klank Embers Atmos MKV Download IAA

Electronic music maestro Sweatson Klank is back with his latest EP, Embers. Known for his thoughtful and elevated production style, Sweatson seamlessly intertwines beats with soul, jazz, and funk elements, creating sonic journeys that resonate with fans of lo-fi hip hop, downtempo, left field house and electronic. 

The EP's standout single, "Summer Chronicles," serves as an ode to holidays spent in faraway lands, where warm melodies and dusty beats evoke the spirit of exploration and meeting new faces. Sweatson Klank's trademark style shines through in this composition, transporting listeners to sun-soaked destinations and creating a soundtrack for cherished memories.

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BZ - 7X (Dolby Atmos MKV & MP4)

BZ 7X Embers Atmos MKV Download IAA

BZ’s seventh and latest release, 7X, is an all-instrumental electronic "rock-step" album. It's somehow both ambient and heavy, fusing elements of ambient electronica, dubstep, and virtuosic guitar work. The Dolby Atmos version of this project utilizes the immersive medium to the fullest, with elements flying all around the room.

On the fusion of electronica and guitar, BZ says “I think the common meme for guitar players is that it has no place in electronic music. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, they go together quite well. I want people to know that it's all just music, it's nothing to be afraid of.”

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